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140mm 29er

£3,299.00 Frame Only

£3,549.00 Frame and RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate

£4,050.00 Frame and EXT Storia

At the heart of the bike is the single pivot driven linkage which delivers a progressive 3.22 - 2.16 leverage ratio designed to work with coil and air shocks, a progressive leverage ratio is very well suited to air shocks as well as coil as it reduces the need for tokens/spacers which can dramatically increase the pressure spikes within the shock thereby driving up the temperature due to adiabatic heating effect. Less volume reducers can also increase the service life and performance of an air shock.

The linkage also searves as an important structural element of the frame increasing rear end stiffness whilst working to isolate the shock from lateral forces which can be an issue on other steel full suspension designs.

Sharp handling geometry make this a cabable yet lively ride. 65 degree head angle and super short chainstays make it playfull whilst the low BB and high stack give confidence and stability back.

Build it light with a 150mm fork and air shock and lightweight carbon wheels and tyres for all day trail chasing or go full enduro with up to a 170mm up front and coil out back.

Formed and custom manipulated tubes of different wall thickness are used throughout the frame to provide the desired chassis characteristics.

CaneCreek Hellbender IS41 Main pivot bearings on a 30mm axel with 24mm linkage bearings on 12mm axels.

34.9mm seat post optimized for long travel dropper posts. All our MTB frames come with a full polyester seat tube liner, to prevent Galvanic corrision between the steel frame and aluminium seat posts,

Another major design consideration was seat tube insertion and stand over, this allows the use of the longest available dropper post for a given rider height.

Tuneability of the leverage ratio is built into the frame via a four position flip chip on the lower shock mount. This alows the progressivness of the leverage ratio to be reduced which is of benefit to lighter riders or when using air shocks that do not have a large volume as standard.

Frame Specs
  • 140mm rear travel, optimised for a 150-170mm fork.

  • Stainless mounting points for pivots, shock hardware and water bottle

  • Under top tube utility strap plate (custom engraved)

  • SRAM Universal Mech Hanger
  • 73mm BSA BB

  • 29 x 2.5" tyre clearance

  • 29/27.5 rear wheel compatible via flip Chip

  • 185x55 Rear Shock

  • Rear shock options available from EXT, RockShox, Fox, Cane Creek

  • 148x12mm

  • 34.9mm seat tube stealth dropper routing 

  • 38.5/39mm seat clamp

  • Fully guided internal cable routing for dropper and rear mech, rear brake is external

  • Tapered head tube ZS44 top cup ZS56 bottom cup

  • 4 position flip chip for tuning the leverage ratio without changing geometry

  • Custom paint and colour matching available 

  • Replaceable ISCG05 tabs

.20 Geometry .jpg
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