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Rå ONE:001

29er Dh bike

01   /   02   /   2012

Since I first started "biking" I have been fascinated by bicycle design and have created imaginary bike company's with model names and geometry chart like pictures drawn in paint. Modified old scrap frames to give them a moto link style suspension, made a horst linkage suspension system out of oak flooring off cuts for a single pivot saracen frame around 2002 and spent countless hours playing with BikeCheckers Linkage software.

After being drawn to the radical new Mondraker Summum in 2010 and later going to a suspension tuning weekend for Mondraker/Fox with Mojo suspension and Fabien Barrel. Talking with Chris Porter and Fabien and seeing his Factory bike (longer than the production large, but with a 15" seat tube, my large frame had a 19" seat tube!?) and getting a glimpse of the possibility that frames could be so much better once the road bike geometry connection had been completely severed.


Then I saw Alex Morgans BCD Racing 29er and that was followed by Intense's 2951 prototype and I had to have a go. 

After wanting to create my own 29er DH bike and struggling to find suitable fork options, rims and tyres for a year  I then found out that 5 sets of 29er Manitou Dorado forks had landed at Hotlines and I could get 29x2.5 DH tyres from a Unicycle store it was now game on.

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