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Roo's Vörðr

Roo's Custom fit adventure touring build for his 8,000 mile epic from the bottom of south america to the very top.

"My Rå Vordr has been the perfect companion now for over 10,000 miles on the road, gravel, single track, up mountains, desert sands and even now across the snow topped highlands of Iceland. The incredible thing is there is no compromise, I am faster on the steel framed Rå than my aluminium road bike and then feel unbeatable off road no matter what terrain. The service provided by Rafi has been second to none. From the initial consultation Rå discussed in detail all the options available to me, building an absolute beast of a custom bike that more than delivered for my first long distance tour traversing the Andes from South to North. The joy and knowing I could push the bike to the limits despite the terrain meant the bike was the one thing we didn’t have to worry about. Even when stuff did go wrong, Rafi was on hand to offer his advice back in the UK. The trip would not have been possible without his help and support. Apart from just designing and building bikes, Rafi’s bike packing knowledge meant we had the best kit and bags, all run via our custom-built front and rear pannier racks that withstood a downhill crash at 30mph!

Minus the awesome bike that has brought me so many incredible memories, the second best thing Rå provide is their after sales service. As opposed to dealing with a large manufacturer or bike shop, there is great comfort in receiving a personal touch and since my first trip Rafi has helped me upgrade my bike to meet my requirements for shorter trips in the UK and Europe.

My friends have all been so impressed there are now a number of us rolling round on Rå turning heads wherever we go. Thanks Rå for everything!"

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