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Rafi Ralph richardson


The founder of Rå Bikes is Ralph Richardson. Growing up in North Yorkshire, Ralph was fascinated by every aspect of bikes, and with natural aptitude for engineering, it wasn’t long until he started designing and building his own. 


Having a background in Downhill racing, Ralph used this knowledge and experience to create bikes that he would like to ride himself. In 2013 he raced his first 29er prototype, at the Fort William Downhill Nationals, which was the first 29 inch wheeled DH bike in the UK. 


Although needing a bit of tweaking, his 29er prototype was a success and with Ralph’s enthusiasm for design, and knack for engineering it was only natural that he decided to make it a full time career and so in 2017 Rå Bikes was born. 


Rå Bikes is based just north of York on the edge go the North York moors, an ideal testing ground for bikes. Within the workshop, Mountain and Gravel bike frames are designed, and handcrafted by Ralph, who is proud to source nearly all his materials from within the UK. 

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